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Le Caire pour les Arts القاهرة للفنون is proud to announce its latest collaborative video art project “Green Storm” directed by Annelore Schneider and Claude Piguet, Switzerland.

Thanks to Pro Helvetia for supporting “Green Storm”.

About Le Caire pour les Arts

Le Caire pour les Arts is an Egyptian limited liability company established 2018 according to the Egyptian law. Our company aims to be a leader in the creation, development and management of artistic, design and cultural social projects in MENA. The company’s most recent endeavour projects focus on the dramaturgical development of television series and feature films.

Le Caire’s portfolio is only available upon request. Please note that our projects’ copyrights are  intellectual properties of  Le Caire pour les Arts.

Films / TV series

  • Investigation – تحقيق  – First Watchit Original 2022. (12 Episodes)
  • Kings of Prowess – ملوك الجدعنة – Ramadan 2021 – mbc – Shahid (30 Episodes)
  • Except Me  إلا أنا – TV Drama focuses on Women Empowerment  – DMC  – Watchit – different Stories each story 10 episodes.
    • From the beginning أول السطر
    • Twilight ضى القمر
    • The past years سنين وعدت
  • The Moon at The Other Side of The World – القمر آخر الدنيا – TV Drama – 30 episodes – Ramadan 2020 on 4 Local and regional channels / viu.
  • The Mountain, Short Film / Venice Biennale 2017 AVIFF – Art Video International Film Festival, Cannes – Awarded the best Video Art Film 2021.

Investigation تحقيق

Investigation – interviews تحقيق

Kings of Prowess ملوك الجدعنة

Except Meأول السطر From The Beginning

Except Meضى القمر Twilight

Except Me إلا أنا – Promotional Song

The Moon at The Other Side of The World – القمر آخر الدنيا

The Mountain – Video Art (15 min) – Meem Gallery

Artistic Social Workshops / Training

Le Caire is a consultant for CARE’s Ending Violence Against Women – Storytelling Project. Le Caire held works in Cairo, Alexandria and Al-Minya where more than 180 women participants were able to use storytelling as a tool to create awareness as well as a method of expression and healing. Under the umbrella of the same project, Le Caire held TOT for Volunteers (60 volunteers) in two interventions areas Al-Minya (Jesuit Al-Minya) and Giza (Eve Future NGO) in 2019.

Ending Violence against Women / Workshops / 2019

Gender Based Violence as a critical rights violation committed against people based on their gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. GBV itself is a symptom of oppression, often used as a tool to dominate and intimidate to reinforce gendered inequalities among and across groups. GBV has been used to control and stop people from making choices about their lives and is a driver and a consequence of poverty, social and political exclusion, conflict and gender inequality.

The Ending Violence against Women: Survivor – Centered Approach Programme focuses on designing and enabling a referral system, complimented by prevention oriented activities, aiming at enhancing EVAW policies, expanding CSO and local communities capacities to provide services for violence survivors, as well as raising awareness on violence against women.

EVAW project aims to take on the role of empowering community based interventions through a survivor centered approach. This entails giving survivors in intervention sites access to a coordinated EVAW referral system, as well as build the capacity of community members to raise awareness against VAW.

Ending Violence Against Women Workshops have been supported by CARE

Talking about SGBV / Interactive Theatre of Trainers / 2020

Theatre appeals to all people from different social classes and education, and it is a subtle way to speak about unspoken issues, as well as move the community towards changing attitudes and eventually behaviors. As part of CARE International in Egypt efforts to address SGBV and create a safe environment for women in Egyptian society, introducing the usage of applied drama and interactive theatre activities and related workshops could have a more effective and sustainable impact than various other approaches.

Furthermore, we plan to discuss with the group the rational behind why community and interactive theatre can bring about changes in attitudes. This type of theatre can put the participants and audiences in a process of questioning personal beliefs through experiential learning, and through a gentle process of active listening, connecting, community building, discussing and intervening.

The processes used and that will be adopted in our workshop aims to create safe spaces for expression and discussion of difficult and often traumatic experiences, as well as spaces for listening and the nurturing of empathy and compassion between the participants. These important values should then be transferred to the community within all the performances and activities carried out by the volunteers.

The approach to applied theatre techniques and interactive theatre usually involves a number of underlying assumptions that direct and define the practice. These assumptions deepen the effects of the experience for the participants and the audiences.

After this training, volunteer participants will become agents of change that will strive and attempt to break the taboo preventing people from talking about SGBV. They will be taught how to organize their own versions of community theatre and dialogues to open discussions with both men and women on SGBV. Establishing a community dialogue and give women and girls courage to speak openly about the reality of their own lives, expressing the daily abusive encounters and get rid of some constant fears.

Core team

عبير سليمان Abeer Soliman, Founder & CEO

Abeer Soliman performs her craft of storytelling to audiences of all ages. she has performed several projects including an Arabic version of the famous “Heidi” tale from Switzerland as well as a well-received rendition of “Shaharazad’s: A Thousand and One Nights” and many other performances. She regularly travels the world to various festivals to practice her art of storytelling for generations both young and old. She performed at many festivals and held storytelling workshops for young people in Bali / Makasar / Malysia / Tunisia/ Lebanon / Qatar / India / The Netherlands / Austria / France / Spain / Poland / Bahrain. As a Scriptwriter, She wrote several projects i.e: “Karma’s Curse” TV Series – Ramadan 2018. “The Tabla Player” TV series – Ramadan 2016 alongside script-doctoring for several feature films. Abeer also works as Assistant Director of “Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival” 

Jean-Luc Marchina, Co-Founder & Design Executive Officer

Jean-Luc Marchina is a Multimedia Designer. Graduated from Geneva University of Art & Design, Switzerland, he mostly builds multimedia and interactive installations. He has been involved in important collaborative projects as Cameraman/Videographer for companies and theaters in Switzerland. He likes also to share his experience by leading creative workshops. Based on his experience in the field, he had developed: to guide the youths to empower their soft skills and find innovative solutions for social and entrepreneurial culture.  His portfolio is available on:


Reem Al Kammash, Script Writer

Graduated from the faculty of Dentistry Alexandria University, Reem Al Kammash has attended various workshops in film making and started working in independent short films which were selected in film festivals like Tropfest, Malmo film market and Bilbliotheca Alexandrina plaza film contest. She works as a Senior Script Writer in Abu Dhabi media “Majid TV” and “Majid magazine” and as well for many international brands in Dubai including “Dubai Expo 2020”.

Mohamed El Dabbah, Screen Writer

Mohamed El Dabbah received his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce in 2012. He studied the art of cinema, screenwriting and directing. He started off  by writing comics for children, then he wrote and directed a couple of short films. His first short film “Mogarad” won the Best Film and Best Director award from the Cinemobile Film Festival, His second film, “Coldness” participated in several film festivals worldwide. Dabah was also the head writer for several TV series and participated in the writing of others.

Thanaa Ahmed Hashem, Scenarist & Professor

Thanaa Ahmed Hashem has a license of art in Arabic language, a mass communication diploma, and earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree in philosophy of arts. She works as Professor in the scenario section of the Higher Institute of Cinema, Professor of scenario at the French University of Egypt.

Nadine Badrawy, Writer

Nadine Badrawy is a freelance writer, sociology researcher and translator. She studied accounting and had several internships in some reputable banks and advertising agencies in Alexandria. Later on in Cairo, she became a writer and script editor for various TV dramas as well as a developer and translator of several independent films in Cairo where she also worked as a freelance curator and coordinator many filmmaking workshops with various well-known production companies. Her first work on screen was the characters from the psychiatric hospital in Nelly Karim’s TV Drama “Soqoot Horr”. She has also co-written two shorts for the 48 -hour Film Festival, both won several awards out of which the first won a plot award. In addition to publishing her first poetry collection “Beyond the Sea”.

Samar Taher, Script Writer

Samar Tahar s an author, screenwriter, and member of the Egyptian Writers Union. She has co-written a number of Egyptian and Arab dramas, including This Evening “Haza al Masaa”, available on Netflix, Twilight “Dhay Al-Qamar, The Arabic version of “ Drop Dead Diva” and “Black Widows”, as well as “Ahlan Semsem” program, the Arabic version  of the American program, Sesame Street, and other series. Her film “The Inmate” was shortlisted for the 2020 Sawiris Award in the Best Screenplay category.
She published 20 books, some of which were nominated for a number of Arab awards. Samar studied Script-writing at Raafat El Meehy Cinema Academy, she also has a Masters degree in Media.


Jean-Luc Marchina, Co-Founder & DEO

Reem Al Kammash, Script Writer

Mohamed El Dabbah, Screen Writer

Thanaa Ahmed Hashem, Scenarist & Professor

Samar Taher, Script Writer

Wished project

Le Caire will be also the producer of “EGYPUC”, the first Egyptian pop-­up Carnival, which will be held annually, each year in a different governorate. The aim is to curate a highly diverse programme of international art Performances (Films, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts) and to screen / perform / exhibit them in different cities outside Cairo. The Carnival will be organised in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of youth. The performances will be held in public venues / spaces. The goal is to work on the decentralisation of art and to encourage the viewing of international art forms. We would like to propagate the belief: “Art for everyone“. Feel free to contact us to go forward !

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